The Warrior Program

The Warrior Program is exclusive to The Jose Morales Boxing Academy. It provides a tiered system and a diverse education in the world of competitive boxing. Intended for the fitness minded, recreational members who want more challenge with spirited sparring sessions; to the more serious practitioners who see themselves stepping up in the amateur ranks; to those interested in pursuing a career in the industry or opening their own boxing gym one day- this program was created to make boxing more systematic and organized.

bringing change to BOXING

Success comes with structure, education, and community. These are the values of the Warrior Program, and with them we have inspired a change in boxing. With this system, we can help advance competitors by providing them the skills and mindset they need to win.


We break down boxing development into ranks, creating a multi-level maturation process. Members have specific goals to meet in order to advance.


Competitors thrive because they aren’t just learning how to box, but business principles,  personal growth and life skills. Building resilience is crucial for success.


We work as a team to build eachothers confidence and skill set. Our competitors train and spar together but they also assist in teaching our members.

The Warrior Program was developed by Jose Morales, a former amateur boxer and current boxing coach. Through this program, The Jose Morales Boxing Academy has produced over 20 competitive boxers, including National Champions Amy Minter and Levi Knox.

“I created this program so those who want to advance, can do so within a defined system. As a coach, the Warrior Program allows us to identify and work with the talented, determined, and coachable boxers looking to excel in competitive boxing. For boxers, it provides a framework with short term and long term goals that help them advance in amateur and professional ranks. Structure like this is something the sport has always lacked, and I wanted to change by creating a formalize boxing program.”


Real people, real results.

Hear success stories and the personal impact of the Warrior Program straight from some of our competitors.

“As I worked my way up the different levels, I was able to improve my boxing skills. The program pushed me to step out of my comfort zone, which is something I struggled with in the beginning. Before, I was always hesitant on “taking the next step” because I was afraid I would be overwhelmed.

Now I have had 5 amateur fights- but I have also accomplished so much more, like being a trainer. Also, not only in the gym but in my personal life. All in just 2 years with the Warrior Program.”

– Alex marin, amateur boxer & impaler


Organized sports are just that- organized. In MMA, athletes work towards earning the next belt. In team sports like soccer and baseball, you have divisions or tiered leagues for athletes to move up through. At The Jose Morales Boxing Academy, we bring that concept and apply it to boxing. Our levels don’t focus on developing just boxing skills- but life skills. Because that’s how you inspire real growth and progress.

define GOALS

Each level has specific requirements that must be met when it comes to boxing education, technique and skill. Short term goals help build a long term vision.












evaluate MINDSET

Warriors must be building their confidence, resilience and character in order to advance to the next level. Mental and physical health are neccessary for a competitors success.


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