Many members have taken our programs for the sole purpose of transforming their mind and body. Even if you don’t want to fight, doesn’t mean you can’t train like it. Our classes push your capacity and challenge your fitness level. We focus on cardiovascular exercises and targeting a different muscle group everyday. Our trainers help you meet your goals regardless if it’s fitness or boxing related. 

Group training

Available to all fitness levels, group training offers the opportunity for you to work with boxers at different stages, from beginner to professional. 

adult group training

Our adult classes take place 6 days a week and offer a collaborative environment where you are exposed to boxers at all levels, allowing you to get the full experience. These classes provide the opportunity for you to push your capacity and challenge your fitness level. We focus everyday on targeting a different muscle group and our coaches make sure you are meeting your goals regardless if it’s fitness or boxing related. 



Our Youth Program is offered to ages 8+ with classes available 6 days a week. We is focus on developing young boxers into individuals who have strong social, independent, and leadership skills. Every quarter we sit down with parents and review their progress, working together to provide the best environment where your child can thrive. Our training sessions are closed practices where no spectators are allowed to watch. 



We offer an Introductory Fundamentals Class. We suggest everyone take this class before obtaining a membership, whether or not you’re new to the sport. This will give you a feel about how we run our gym, because trust us, we do things differently.

personal training

One-on-one sessions are available in 4 and 8 packs. Please see Kelly for more details.

Boxing & fitness customized for you.

Available to all ages, our personal training allows you to customize sessions to meet your expectations. Work personally with any one of our trainers. Each trainer has a different style of coaching that can compliment your personality and training needs. Personal training in our gym is more than just overcoming physical challenges, but mental ones too. One on one training allows your goals to be our top priority so we can coach you down the road to success.


What makes the experience different than other gyms?

  • Our professional trainers well versed in both fitness and boxing.
  • Access to different classes & styles of training that offer unique experiences.
  • Our focus is on holistic health- mentally, physically, and professionally.
  • We develop an exclusive system modified around your injuries, age, and fitness level.
  • You’re more than a member- we treat you like family. Family looks out for eachother. At JMBA, we always have your back.



We challenge you to burn fat and win cash.

We have partnered with ProTrain Food for Fitness to offer an exclusive fat burning challenge that allows members to compete for cash incentives. This challenge not only encourages you to stick to a fitness plan, but with access to ProTrain meals, you can stick to a meal plan too. In a six week period of time, you will be challenged to train your body and mind to better improve your holistic health. We offer this program once every season. If you are interested in participating, please register at the gym with Kelly.


“If you’re looking for a great way to lose weight, get in shape or just try a new sport, this is where you need to start. I have been a member at this gym for over a year and I have always been welcomed like family. Kelly is super great about giving you all the information, prices and updates you would ever need. As for the talented coaches, they always answer every one of my questions and always give me tips on how I can improve. Words can’t really describe what this gym provides me…this is the place to go.”

Yesenia Mendoza

“My family has been coming here for years. It is such a great place to get in shape and learn the sweet science of boxing. Each instructor is extraordinarily talented and they will help you through any struggle, like perfecting your technique, all whle keeping you motivated. I recommend for anyone at any age to come join Jose Morales Boxing Academy, you won’t be disappointed.”

Dennis Shoun

“This boxing gym is amazing! I love getting a great workout in while learning the skill of boxing. The group class mixes real boxing drills, weightlifting and cardio making sure every workout is different. The trainers love sharing their knowledge and helping people meet their goals. The atmosphere is unlike any gym I’ve been to. Everybody from the members, trainers and staff are very friendly and supportive. We all motivate each other! I highly recommend this gym. Boys, girls, young, old. Here, boxing is for everyone!” 

Ted Pham


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