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“The trainers, they believe in you more than you would ever imagine.  That’s the type of gym everyone needs to be a part of.”

-Yesenia Mendoza, JMBA Member



Our teams’ main focus is YOUR goal. We thrive on making each day a different workout, NO DAY IS EVER THE SAME! Our trainers have a collective 50* YEARS of experience in boxing, both competing and training, and some are still active today. We are well-versed in weight training and cardio exercises. Therefore, our boxing academy offers a variety of workouts that push you both physically and mentally.



I guarantee that after you train with me you will not only love the workout – you’ll love the sport of boxing.”

I am a veteran of 58 amateur boxing bouts and first began training boxers in 2006, working with adults and teenagers. I strive to help members stay healthy, lose weight, compete, build confidence, or simply learn the science of boxing. I work with a variety of clients – from 4-year-olds to 70-year-olds, average Joes, blue-collar, soccer moms, troubled teens, honor roll kids, amateur boxers, professional boxers, school teachers and everything in between. No matter who you are, I can cater training to each individual. I adapt to each client’s style and will modify workouts to accommodate injuries, weaknesses, strengths, dislikes, and likes so that everyone can learn how to box.



Never in a million years did I picture myself in a boxing ring! I wish I would have come across a boxing gym like this when I was overweight. It definitely would have helped me with my physical problems and I would have avoided all the mental drains that the bullying caused. Boxing definitely has built my confidence and has shown me things I did not even know about myself. It’s not just a workout – there are life lessons learned in the boxing gym.” 

Kelly was born and raised in Sacramento. As a kid, she struggled with obesity and was bullied about her weight. Weight loss has always been a struggle for her, but boxing has helped her not only physically, but also mentally. As a four-foot-ten, singing in the shower, Disney-loving 24-year old woman, she may not seem like someone you’d see in the ring or managing a boxing gym. However, she puts her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and 8 years of customer service to use and proudly proclaims to love her job.


“My varied background in boxing and fitness provides the perfect foundation for leading group exercise classes at The Boxing Academy. The passion I have for the sport enables me to motivate each person in my class to work hard and achieve their fitness goals.” 

Ignacio is a qualified personal trainer with a certificate of completion from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is a group fitness instructor. Within this role, he leads groups through various exercises at different intensity levels depending on the goals, needs, and abilities of the group. Ignacio has dedicated more than 10 years of his life to boxing. As an amateur boxer, he received the Concord Cup, District Golden Gloves, Regional Golden Gloves, 2004 Runner Up for State Golden Gloves and Most Outstanding Fighter of 2004 Golden Gloves. He also took part in 6 professional fights. His experience as a fighter and personal trainer allow him to help people reach their specific fitness goals, whether it be to gain muscle, lose fat, or just get into shape.


“My varied background in boxing and fitness provides the perfect foundation for leading group exercise classes at The Boxing Academy. My personal passion for this sport enables me to motivate each person in my class to work hard and achieve their fitness goals.” 


David is a standout Track and Field athlete with 4 years’ experience as a High School Track/Cross Country coach. He has 20 years of boxing experience and has been working as a boxing coach since 2005. David is an active professional boxer, going 5-0 with 2 knockouts. Learn more below.



5-0,2 KO’S

Not only does David train members, he is an active boxer who trains at JMBA. Boxing since age 8, he has over 30 amateur bouts.



Seven years ago, Tony began his boxing career in LA working along side world champions. Since training at JMBA he has gone (1-0).


“For anyone on the fence about working out, this is the place to start. The staff is absolutely amazing. I can’t say enough about how kind and helpful they are. The people that you workout with are nice and there’s a family atmosphere here. Even if you never thought boxing was for you, try it! I never thought I’d enjoy this as much as I do. It’s hard, but it’s so worth it.”

Amy Boryczko

“JMBA keeps me motivated and excited to work out and train. They have helped me set goals and stay on track. I love and appreciate the efforts of the staff and trainers. They help me reach my fitness goals.”

Azeeta Mott

“My sons have been going to this gym for two years now. They have come such a long way and they love to box and workout. The coaches are so encouraging and they have such a love for boxing it pours out of them and into the students. I thank them for being positive role models in my sons lives and making us feel welcome as a family.”

Michael & Walter Powell


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